Decks 99 The Deer Trail Project

We were called in to replace a relatively new deck [5 years old] that had been
installed incorrectly then stained a solid color instead of a transparent stain that
was asked for. We demo'd the old deck and replaced it with a deck that will last
for many years to come. I have many photos for this one since the job presented a rare
opportunity for us to build the deck and pergola to optimum specifications in order
to reaize the homeowner's wishes for a truly well-built project. They were both very
nice to work with and as a result, you are viewing the finest deck we have ever built!

We included lights in both the steps and the rail posts as well as a stainless steel
cable railing. The cost was surprisingly affordable when we devised a new system of
 how the cable is attached. We routed out the posts for wiring and cable then
trimmed the channels out with more cedar. All the wood except the decking
was stained before it was installed, the only way to insure longevity.

Below is a shot of the electric eye for the lights. They come on at dusk and go off at dawn. The transformer
is accessed via a removable panel in the cedar skirt.

 One of my favorite photos after the stain, we used Medium Brown Ready Seal.

We also built a few extras along the way. The birdhouse and feeder were gifts to the owners made from scraps.
As you mht have gathered, we try and not throw away anything usable during a build.

First up was a bench for the front porch with storage underneath....

Next was a deck box for the back deck to hold a few things....